Town Hall Meeting

Posted July 29th, 2015 by Olivia and filed in Home Improvement
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Small town living was our choice when my husband retired. We thought it would be great to live in a small and close-knit community. The town council announced a few months ago that it was going to upgrade the local park. They sent everyone a list of items that needed to be decided at the next town hall meeting. We attended, along with many other residents, so we would have a voice in the decisions.

Many of the decisions were agreed on quickly by everyone there. Everybody wanted swings and slides for the children. One of the items where there was a lot of argument was the type of paving to be used for sidewalks. One person was determined to hold out for porous paving material. She said she had done her research and believed this was the best environmental option. After listening to her, I agreed. Eventually everybody else did as well so we now have a complete park design and are ready to build it.

I Was Part Of The Problem

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There is an old quote that says, “If you are not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.” I realized how true that saying was, especially when it comes to protecting the environment. I have watched people throw their trash on the ground, waste food, waste water and use toxic chemicals. I never liter, try to conserve food, water and clean my house with natural products. Even though I live an eco-friendly lifestyle, I realized that I was a part of the problem because I was just sitting back and doing nothing.

Now, I am raising awareness about environmental issues. I talk at various conventions and tell people about silica equestrian sand, recycling as well as conserving food and energy. I also encourage them to tell their friends and family members about environmental issues.

Having Trouble Hearing?

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Sometimes hearing can be obstructed by something as simple as it is wax. Earwax can build up in our ears over time, in an effort to protect our ears from too much debris getting into them. Although earwax is a protection method of the ear, it can also be problematic, and even gross. If you don’t clean your ears regularly, they will have too much build up, and can cause hearing distortion, as well as a waxy mess.

When you choose to do Stockport ear wax removal, you can do this by several methods. A cotton swab is the standard way of removing ear wax, but a suction device can also work. Some people even use their fingers to dig into their ears, but your finger can only go down so far. A suction device is the best choice when cleaning the ears, as it can remove excess wax, and completely clean the ears.

A Communication Breakdown

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Sometimes as we get older, some of our parts just do not work as well. This is especially the case for my grandfather and his hearing. We knew it was time to get him hearing aids when he completely misunderstood our conversation.

We have a horse farm and one of the horses was expecting, but when we told my grandfather that we were having a new baby horse, he did not hear the part about the horse being pregnant. He just heard “pregnant”. Before I knew it, I received a call from my dad wondering why I had not told him that I was pregnant.

We all got a good laugh out of this misunderstanding and decided that granddaddy needed some hearing help before the whole family thought I was expecting instead of the horse.

Old Age Repercusions

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Are you, or someone you know, dealing with old age repercusions? Old age is something that many americans try to avoid. And with many new inventions shaping our world, it does seem possible. Maybe you can not avoid it forever, but in many situations, you can prolong the negative effect of old age. At a certain age, many people will notice a difference in their body. Including changes in their hearing, seeing, bodily movement or maybe neurological changes. We all have experiences of some kind, with a relative that shouts, because of hearing loss. Manchester hearing aids, have become more common among older citizens. They are a way to hold on to what you once had, the ability to hear near and far. Seek advice, and gain knowledge of options. Turn a negative situation into a positive one. Age brings wisdom, but sometimes the old, need help from the young.

Blue Night

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As Sammy headed towards the stage, all white marbled eyes followed his dragging feet. His cool demeanor showed as he tousled his greased black hair and straightened his leather jacket. He picked up his instrument, an instrument that was mostly hollow, and connected a cable to it. A guitar? No, he held it as a violin and began playing. The sharp notes coming from the violin were crisp as they played the blues in the style of BB King. The bow moving back and forth, with it creating a vibrating sensation through the crowd. As everyone watched in awe until the end of the song, the electric violinist only saw one thing…his slender violin. He placed it back on the floor once he was done and continued down the steps. He slowly walked out the back door. All that was left was the electric violin, shining under the black light, waiting to be played once more.